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AdExpress mobile mediation platform is dedicated to empower clients to monetize their apps. We provide one-stop tech integration & management of multi-ad platforms, data-driven optimizing strategy and data insights to maximize revenue with low cost and 100% control.

Platform Features
Integration of premium ad platforms

Only best-performed campaigns will be selected to monetize your apps!

Customized data reporting

Merge different dimensions of data from multi ad platforms into a practical one with AdExpress reporting system.

Intelligent optimization algorithms

Proprietary technology and intelligent algorithms are dedicated to optimize the performance and boost revenue with 100% transparency.

Customized ad formats for your app!

We support customized ad format for your app that fits in the context of your users' needs and ensure that can apply on all integrated platforms.

Data mining & AB testing modeling

AdExpress provides data mining& AB testing modeling to effectively detect and adjust the monetization strategy before implementation.

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Our tech team
  • Waterfall mechanism to increase your fill rate to 99%.
  • Advanced algorithm and AB testing modeling.
  • Tailor-made monetization strategies for different regions.
  • Integrated reporting system to monitor data performance.
Our operation team
  • Closely cooperate with top global ad platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • We specialize in monetizing your apps and maximizing your revenue.
  • Our team will be at your disposal to troubleshoot and provide the best solutions.
Unlock the hidden potential of mobile advertising

AdExpress team is to troubleshoot at any time! To get started please sign up on AdExpress platform, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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