June 15, 2022

4 Tips for Shooting Your Own Video Content With Your Smartphone

It used to be that you needed a full studio of expensive equipment to create straightforward video content for your business. Modern mobile phones offer the combined power of an entire video studio in a handheld device. That means you can create video content when and as much as you want.

To ensure that your small business marketing videos are of the highest quality and create the most engagement, here are some tips for recording yourself and making video content on your mobile device.

1. Know Which Camera To Use

Modern smartphones have two cameras: a front-facing camera or a rear-facing (selfie) camera. While you can use either camera to film content, the front-facing camera offers higher quality.

So many people use the selfie camera because they can see what they are filming. Content creators on TikTok are notorious for using the selfie camera while driving, walking down the street, or sitting around the house. This approach allows them to see what they are filming and creates a more raw and almost intimate feel to the video.

The problem with the TikTok selfie video style is that it lacks the quality and options of the front-facing camera. The good news is that you can use the front-facing camera and monitor yourself with several simple methods.

Use a mirror: This may not be the fanciest option, but you probably already own a mirror. Just set it up behind your phone, so you can see the reflection of what your phone is filming.

Mirror it to your computer: Using an iPhone and a Mac, you can simply connect the two via a lightning cable that practically turns your phone into a webcam. Mobile apps also allow you to mirror your iPhone to a tablet or even an Apple TV. If you’re using an Android Phone, you can mirror your phone via an app called Connect. The Reflector app also claims to work with any phone, computer, or tablet.

2. Stabilize Your Shot

Unless you are trying to replicate the shaky camera actions of a scary movie, you want your video to be smooth and still. A good tripod allows you to set up a steady shot wherever you are filming. You don’t have to worry about your phone falling when it’s locked into a good tripod.

If you need to create moving video content, like walking down the street, invest in a gimbal. A gimbal is a handheld device that supports and stabilizes your phone while in motion. You and your audience will love the smooth movement of your video content.

3. Think About Composition

One thing that separates entry-level content creators from the pro is composition, which refers to the orientation of your shot. If you are filming for TikTok, you want to use a vertical composition, while a horizontal shot is best for YouTube. If you’re unsure, you can shoot horizontally with enough room on either side to crop and convert the video vertically.

The most important thing to consider with composition is leaving some space above your head and at the top of the shot. This space ensures your head isn’t cut off on different screens and devices.
Another thing to look at is your background. Try to avoid trees, lamps, telephone poles, etc. from appearing to come out of the top of your head. At the same time, an empty background can be tedious, depending on the purpose of your video.

4. Focus On Lighting

Even the highest-quality camera can’t overcome bad lighting. The easiest way to add lighting to your video is with natural sunlight.

For the best light, record yourself when the sun is low in the sky outdoors or near a window. The light shouldn’t necessarily hit you straight in the face but at an angle.

Of course, natural light is unpredictable and can even change while recording your video content. The next step is to add artificial lighting that can be used any time, day or night.

LED lights are great because they are powerful, use little electricity, and are affordable. You can go with a single LED light or create a three-point lighting setup. You just want to watch that your lighting system doesn’t add unflattering shadows anywhere on your face.

It’s a Wrap

Creating high-quality video content for your small business marketing plan has never been easier. You can capture, edit, and publish stunning content with nothing more than your smartphone and a couple of accessories. While the actual meat of your content is what will connect with your audience, don’t risk users swiping away from your video because it looks dull and unprofessional.

If you’re unsure how to create, execute, and evaluate a video content marketing plan, reach out to Adexpress today. We help small businesses launch social media and video campaigns that grow their accounts and create genuine engagement. Tell us about your project, and let us help turn your marketing dreams into reality.

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