July 15, 2022

Your Business Is Leaving Money on the Table Without a Proper Landing Page

The goal of any small business marketing plan is to generate leads and then convert those leads into sales. Once you do all of the hard work to get someone to visit your website, you need a way to follow through and not let that work go to waste. The answer is hiding in plain sight: landing pages.

Here is a down and dirty guide to how your landing page can be the unsung hero of your marketing plan:

What Is a Landing Page, Exactly?

You’ve definitely heard the term landing page, but have you ever considered what this really means? A landing page is not just any page on your website where a visitor can “land” – it has a specific purpose.  

The best website landing pages are the ones that help capture a visitor’s information through a conversion form. In other words, a website landing page will often offer something of value, like a free eBook checklist, webinar, coupon, free consultation, or something else of value to your audience in exchange for their e-mail address or contact information. This offer is often called a lead magnet.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

Imagine that you run a wedding DJ business. As a savvy marketer, you maintain a blog that shares tips and tricks for selecting wedding music, preparing for your first dance, and so on. You also have a short eBook about “10 Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Music For Their Weddings”, and you offer free consultations for engaged couples.

A bride-to-be happens across one of your articles about picking the perfect first dance song from her research online. At the bottom of your blog, you invite couples to schedule a free consultation.

She enjoyed your article and thought a meeting would be valuable. She clicks on the link and ends up on your landing page. This page provides details about the consultation and gathers important information about her wedding.

Boom. You now have a meeting scheduled with a prospective client and have all of the details you need to wow her and make a sales pitch. More importantly, she came to you and is excited about your conversation.

Potential clients continually find your landing page through calls to action on your various blog posts and eBooks, as well as through paid advertising, social media, and more. In each visit, someone voluntarily signs up for something of value in exchange for their contact information. Now you can market to them and convert their interest into a sale.

Perks of a Landing Page

Your website only exists to help tell your story, invite new visitors to take part in your story, and convert leads into paying customers. Landing pages play a key role in closing sales and filling your pipeline with leads.

Here are several succinct reasons your website needs a proper landing page to thrive:

Easily Collect Leads: Too many marketing plans send potential customers to their company’s home page to die. A landing page allows you to capture invaluable information by sending them to a targeted page.

Launch Marketing Efforts: The basic idea is that a potential customer will exchange their information for something of value to them, like a free recourse, a promotion, and more.

Data Collection: As visitors fill out the form on your landing page, you gain excellent demographic data about your audience. You have data to help see who is responding to your offer, and you already have a foundational baseline of information before you reach out to close the sale.

Building the Perfect Landing Page

All successful landing pages share a few common elements. All of your marketing efforts will point people to this page. This is where you are convincing people to “buy” your lead magnet with their information.

You want the landing page to provide a unique proposition for your lead magnet. This is the “why you want this” information. Think in terms of benefits or how it will help them.

Your landing page should also have a clear call to action. What is it that you want people to do? Fill out a form? Call your office? Make it clear, so visitors know the next step.

When possible, use social proof like reviews, quotes from customers, ratings, etc. to help show that your lead magnet is valuable enough for the visitor to hand over their precious information. Landing pages with social proof are shown to convert more than those that don’t include this element.

If you’re still not sure about the best way to create a landing page or implement it into your marketing plan, reach out to Adexpress. We help our clients make powerful landing pages that are customized to their specific industries and service lines.

We avoid the confusion and the over-information of websites with clear calls-to-action that bring your business more leads and more sales. Learn more about how we can help you with a free consultation, or at least check out our landing page today.

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