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The previous owners of Element LED lost interest in 2019 and decided to close the doors. The founder of Adexpress and another partner decided to purchase what was left of the company and bring it back to life. This was not an easy task as a lot of previous customers were upset about not receiving the support that they deserved. Adexpress decided to kick things off with a complete rebrand that included a more modern logo, website built on Shopify, and organic content for the Instagram account. We then went through a round of testing paid advertising (Google Shopping & Facebook ads) which did not produce the results that we had hoped to achieve. After an in-depth analysis, we determined that this was due to a lack of organic traffic which was below 3,000 website visitors per month at the time. This is currently an open engagement as we continue testing different strategies to increase revenue, website traffic and our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We will update this case study as we continue working with Element!

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